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【Exhibitor Report】Saitama Prefecture Remote Work Business Matching Exchange Meeting, Feb. 22, 2019

Date : 02/28/2019 15:14 (JST) Category : Information Reports

Mamasan&Company has participated in “Saitama Prefecture Remote Work Business Matching Exchange Meeting (all tasks)” on February 22, 2019 ♪

Let us report you the meeting on that day by the mom who participated at the booth!

Hello everyone!
It is QQ of Mamasan&Company.
We participated in “Saitama Prefecture Remote Work Business Matching Exchange Meeting (all tasks)” the other day, which was held in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.
! !
The venue was the Saitama Women Career Center “With YOU Saitama”.
It is a “business matching meeting” sponsored by Saitama Prefecture Womanomics Project.

Saitama Prefecture actively supports female homeworkers across the country (^ ^ ♪
This event was the matching meeting where home work ordering companies and female homeworkers could meet together.

This time, all types of jobs were targeted and about 20 companies participated in the meeting.
People gathered were homeworkers working in various fields. Much more people were visiting compared to the meeting held last January only for creator homeworkers.

In the event, it started the opening remarks, and then overall flow of the meeting was explained. Lastly, each company presented their promotion for one minute, and I also explained on stage as a Mamasan&Company member nervously (; ∀;)

After that, workers visited directly the company booths which they were interested in. We explained about Mamasan&Company and the process of applications to each one of them. Then, we answered to their questions.

In the former event, we had a little spare time. But, we had so many workers visiting our booth that there was no break in the line of visitors this time.

As I like the company myself, I had a very meaningful time talking about the attractiveness of the company to each worker in such a nice opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and who visited Mamasan&Company booth!!

It as the last business matching meeting for this year, but we will continue to participate in such events more and more!

You can find a notice on our blog when the next meeting schedule is fixed. If you live in accessible area from Saitama City and interested in working at home, please look forward to it ♪

More than 200 homeworkers are working for Mamasan&Company.
Job types are so many such as back office business (accounting, labor management, payroll), recruitment, call, IT development and creative!

You can also challenge the work you’re interested in or an inexperienced job.
Would you like to try it too?
We are waiting for your application by all means (^ ^)

Registration form is here ☆彡