Consultant List

We will contribute to improve the productivity of our client companies
with our thorough business process visualization and standardization.

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Consultant List

We, Mamasan&Company, aim to create new value by providing new services and products.
We will propose tailor-made innovation to your needs while predicting changes in the
industrial structure and focusing on the changes in the population structure.

Saito Kanako

COO / Tokyo Office

Since 2008, we have started office work BPO project "at home" with the aim of raising productivity of back office work and reducing costs, and since then we have built a wide range of fields and industries.
Regardless of what kind of work, the important point is that I value from the beginning is
(1) thorough conduct of "visualization of business" by making full use of "bird's-eye view" and "flowchart"
(2) Continuous manual creation / updating by subdividing operations
I think we always exist as our base and have the reasons that can demonstrate high cost performance
We can achieve the best possible result without affecting Team power by some objective obstacles that work independently such as Working place, working away, living in Japan, living abroad · · ·
Please let us know your needs.
We would be pleased if we could propose an efficient business flow with effective control.

Yamashita Tomohisa

Consulting Group Manager / Tokyo Office

Nice to meet you. My name is Tomohisa Yamashita, and I am a consultant in Mamasan&Company.
We offer outsourcing services for various Back Office operations such as accounting, order management, data entry and so on.
It's my pleasure to provide these services at our best to our clients. Furthermore, I am thrilled to work with the clients from the stage of consideration of outsourcing, even before using our services, to examine which work processes are suitable for outsourcing and to improve the workflows together.
Our services include not only simply doing entrusted tasks but also identifying the business process that can be advantageously outsourced, visualizing the workflow of these processes and maximizing their efficiency. I can confidently say that we will contribute to your business by enabling you to focus on the activities to increase your productivity with our continuous services.
From now on, we will endeavor to make our services known to more clients with the new force of our overseas workers, as well as to increase the number of our domestic remote workers and expand BPO center in Okinawa.
Please look forward to further growth of Mamasan&Company!!

Endo Naoki

Consulting Group / Tokyo Office

I mainly offer consulting services on Web marketing.
We propose “How to make the best use of the internet to acquire customers and boost sales.”
To achieve the objectives of the clients, we will support Website creation to operations of owned media and SNS. We also analyze, report and suggest improvement ideas about Web marketing. Our team, consisted of global
members, can work for you around the clock.
If you have troubled with a lack of internal resources or consider reducing the cost of Web related tasks, please contact us for consultation.

Kubota Koichi

Consulting Group Staff / Tokyo Office

I have been working on internal systems development and equipment procurement by utilizing my knowledge of programming and database management.
I still have a lot to learn from my colleagues, but I will work hard to become one of the reliable members.

Nomura Ippei

Consulting Group Staff / Tokyo Office

I am a consultant for the implementation of the Scrum framework.
I think many companies have adopted the waterfall model in project management.
The waterfall model is highly methodical, in which progress is seen as a flow from requirement analysis, system design, construction, testing, and deployment in a sequential manner.
However, the problematic part of the waterfall model is that it is difficult to define all the requirements beforehand, and it tends not to go as planned when an unexpected situation happens.
You might have encountered a situation where unforeseen matters appear as the project progresses, and it was necessary to change the initial plan.
Scrum, on the other hand, is a great framework that fundamentally overcomes the weaknesses of the waterfall model.
Additionally, Scrum is not just a software development process, and we can expect a significant improvement in business operations by reforming the organization with Scrum in the long run.
I am consulting to permeate corporations with Scrum framework.
I will assist your long-term growth by analyzing the current situation, introducing Scrum, and supporting its operation.

We will pay close attention to your request!

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