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Accounting Outsourcing

Customers can reduce costs more than hiring an accountant by outsourcing Accounting Operations.
Since Mamasan&Company's accounting services perform operations in a secured environment, many customers have relied on us so far.
If you want to start up in Japan or if you are a start-up company, please feel free to contact us.
Japan quality Accounting System can be introduced in a short time.

Accounting Outsourcing Service List

  • ・Entry Delivery Note
  • ・Check Incoming Invoice
  • ・Purchasing Accounting / Inventory Accounting
  • ・Sales Accounting
  • ・Issue Invoice
  • ・Incoming Payment / Clear Account Receivable
  • ・Create Outgoing Payment Data
  • ・Entry Evidence Data
  • ・Entry General Expenses
  • ・Expense Reimbursement
  • ・Check Evidence
  • ・Accounting process review
  • ・Create Support Tool
  • ・Customizing Excel Files
  • ・Payroll Accounting
  • ・Payroll Journal Entry
Closing and Disclosure
(Monthly & Annual)
  • ・Create Monthly Trial Balance
  • ・Create Accounting Report
Accounting System
Sales Management System
Bank System

There are cases that the accounting process becomes "black box" for the risk of leaking important
information and the operation using inefficient systems.

Standard Process Flow

Price Examples

Lite Plan

We take part in operation of your
accounting department after visualizing
the business process and reviewing the

Price;50,000~JPY a month *About 500 USD
(Rate:1 USD = 100 JPY)

Standard Plan

You can visualize the business
process and outsource the work for
one accounting staff at a low cost!

Price;200,000~JPY a month *About 2,000 USD
(Rate:1 USD = 100 JPY)

Custom plan

We can visualize the your business
process and outsource the work for
more than two accounting staff at a
low cost!

Price;400,000~JPY a month *About 4,000 USD
(Rate:1 USD = 100 JPY)

The price will vary with the amount of work. Please contact us for more information.

We propose the flow suitable for the customer's business and carry out the business!

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