System Development service


System Development service

We, Mamasan&Company, have experienced with IT service enough to give our clients satisfying result in their business.
We are have the borderless network, and it makes us possible to carry out operations in the world's
leading secure environment as a team with close contact.

Support from system development
to its maintenance operation

Design and Development
Test (Debug)
Creation of specifications
Preparation of Manuals
FAQ Editing
Maintenance and Operation
Comprehensive support

We leverage our rich variety of human resources and skills to provide a wide range of support.
We can provide centralized and comprehensive services from environmental arrangement to development
as the followings: website creation and its maintenance, after-sales services such as troubleshooting.

Building up the operation structure with subdivided processes
Design and

· Functional specification
· Data flow diagram
· Physical design specifications of database

Test (Debug)

· Simplex test
· Connection test
· System (general) test
· Operational test

Creation of

· Requirement definition document
· External specifications
· Internal specifications
· Program design documents
· Test specifications

and Operation

· Response to user inquiry
· System monitoring
· Failure handling

Skills of our Remote Engineers

System Development

· Web application development using generic
frameworks such as Java, Ruby, PHP
· Application development for smartphone

Maintenance and Operation

· Adding, changing or modifying the function
of systems in the operation
· Preparation of manuals and support for
operating methods
· Dealing with functional upgrading and/or
improvements, troubles and defects

Price Examples

We can handle small scale to large scale!
Please feel free to contact us!

*Prices may vary depending on the site scale, content or services we provide.

Please tell us your requests and expectations. We will offer a variety of suggestions to relieve your concerns and issues.

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