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What is SNS Marketing? Operation Methods and Points

Date : 01/07/2022 17:00 (JST) Category : BPO Times

Nowadays, with the spread of the Internet and smart phones, it is easy to search for anything you want. Consumer needs have diversified as consumers are now able to easily find things that matches their preferences. The one-size-fits-all approach is becoming out of date.

We will introduce the role and necessity of SNS marketing, as well as key points on how to operate it effectively.

Marketing in recent years

Marketing to meet the diversification of customer needs.

Until now, the main method of advertising has been through TV commercials, newspaper ads, and other forms with the message aimed for everyone. However, customer needs have become more diverse with the spread of the Internet and smart phones. The messages that we wanted to send to everyone no longer resonates with customers. We are now in need to think of an approach aimed for individual customer.

What is SNS Marketing?

SNS marketing is a marketing method that uses social networking sites to connect with consumers to promote brands and encourage purchases. Let’s take a closer look at SNS marketing.

Expected effects of SNS (Social networking sites)

Although the impression of SNS was that it is used by teens or youngs around in twenties, recently a wide range of generations have been using SNS. It makes it easy to recognize products and services and gives the possibility to communicate directly with customers. This is good to make it easier to develop your company’s followers. Also since SNS can spread information quickly, if you can create a system that customers naturally want to share, this can lead to the recognition of your products and services without spending on advertising and promotion.

Main Methods of SNS Marketing

The following are the five major methods of SNS marketing.

・SNS account management
・SNS advertising
・SNS campaigns
・Marketing with influencers
・Social listening

Why do we need an SNS marketing strategy?

Increasing SNS usage rate

According to the results of the 2020 Survey on Telecommunications Usage Trends conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, more than 70% of all respondents, from teens to those in their 80s, use SNS. And more than 60% of them cited “to find information about what I want to know” as the reason for using SNS. This definitely shows the number of people who use SNS to search for information has increased from those who used to use search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

Reasons for using SNS to gather information

One of the reasons why more and more people are using social networking sites to search is that they can quickly gather a lot of opinions from other consumers. And it is easier to make a purchase if the information is provided by people who have similar preference to their own.

Steps to implement SNS marketing

Setting goals

First, there is a need to set goals that you want to achieve through SNS marketing. It is also necessary to define the target customers. It will be easier to plan your marketing if you set the goals as specific as possible.

Decision on the method

Once you have decided on your goals, you need to think about which methods and social networking media are best suited to achieve them. There are many SNS media, but it can be easily decided if you analyze your target customers, their age group and gender, or how you want to present your message, with or without images and videos.

Set KPIs to achieve your goals

KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicator”. It is a guideline for step-by-step evaluation to achieve your goals, and it is possible to measure the effectiveness.

There are two types of KPIs generally set in SNS marketing : quantitative and qualitative indicators. Typical examples of quantitative indicators are the number of followers, the number of contents posted, and the number of engagement which is marked as “like”s. Examples of qualitative indicators would be what kind of feelings people have about your products or services or what they are talking about. These can be measured by doing an ego search or by using emotional analysis tools.

Preparation and starting operations

Once you have decided on your goals and target customers, you will need to select the SNS media that best suits your methods. In addition, if you are going to operate a corporate account, you will need to have a specialist for SNS marketing who is familiar with the account settings and operational rules of each SNS. However, it is difficult to secure human resources, so many companies outsource this work.

If you have more than one person in charge, you can maintain a certain level of quality by creating a manual to ensure consistency in the work. It is also a good idea to have a flow chart for in case of emergency.

Regular data analysis and implementation of measures

There are many companies that are using SNS marketing. It is necessary to check whether the your company’s measures are being buried or whether they are reaching the objectives and targets that were initially set. Another important task in SNS marketing is to analyze the data on a regular basis and lead the company’s measures to the right direction.

Points to be aware of in SNS marketing

・Selecting the right SNS media that is compatible with your service
・Follow the basic rules and etiquette of SNS before you post.
・Consider risks and emergency measures in advance.
・Think of it as a communication tool towards individuals.
・Continuous analysis and operation


This article introduced the basics of SNS marketing and how to operate it.

When everyone from teens to seniors are using SNS, a direct approach using SNS is very effective. However, if it is not used properly, the effectiveness will be reduced to half, or in the worst case scenario, it may cause flaming and damage your company image.

If you are able to utilize SNS marketing well, it will directly affect your company’s sales and image. It is important to manage it efficiently while considering the risks involved.