Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


We want to tell that
"Mama-san" is about Mother like the Sun.
A presence that brightly illuminates surroundings.

"Mama-san" we call are mothers who want to have time with work, dreams and family.

We work with many remote workers, and each of them has different strength and
background. Majority of them are female who have difficulty to work full-time or
daytime due to family circumstances. We also have male remote workers, and many of
them seek for more experience without considering environmental factors.

By using various tools, we can provide many servicies to our customer's
request as if we're in the same office.


We believe that fulfilling our social responsibility forms what is essential to our brand.
We aim to establish a secure and comfortable work environment by understanding our employees' needs, and we try to offer them such an environment through our unique method.

To be successful as a chosen company holding social credibility, we should act not only to come out with a good result but also act considerately and responsible as a organization.