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[Exhibitor Report] March 22nd, 2019 “Experience fair of near future business” sponsored by Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Date : 04/01/2019 13:41 (JST) Category : Information Reports

We, Mamasan&Company participated “Experience fair of near future business” held at Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce.
We have participated in many events for mothers who are looking for a job. However, the event we participated this time was especially for the business establishments which were interested in adopting services using IT and ICT as well as building new business.
At the venue, vendor innovation supporting companies with various know-how such as IT, ICT and cloud participated with booth exhibits. I was a B-to-B experience fair that such companies provided advice and demonstrations to offer hints to solve issues.
At the beginning, there was a seminar titled “About the advantage of cashless payment in SMEs and support for improving productivity using IT and ICT.” Then, each participating company introduced their service.

From our company, Mr. Tanaka, the representative of the company, introduced the company and explained the works being conducted by Mamasan&Company.

After introduction of the companies, more than 30 companies visited our booth, and we explained the following features of our business.
・ Work in a team
・ Creating the organization led by a boss mom
・ Correspond to various tasks from back office to system development and creative business widely
Also, we talked more specifically regarding our business contents and services in line with each company’s requests.

Currently, in Japan, companies are required to undergo various changes due to work style reform.

mplementing cashless payment and cloud accounting and smoothly operating them will bring a major impact on corporate transformation.

Through this event, Mamasan&Company was able to propose solutions for corporate issues: an appropriate timing for introducing tools such as cloud accounting and creating a system to operate efficiently.

Thank you all so much for visiting the event!

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