Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile



Corporate Profile

Mamasan&Company was established as a corporation
in April 2012.
It was launched as one of the in-house projects in 2008
by CEO MR.TANAKA aimed at improvement of productivity of so-called back-office operation and
reducing its costs.

Remote Worker

Mamasan&Company runs projects on platform for remote workers
who have many years of experience and skills.
They work at home with responsibility.

Increase of Productivity

By cooperating with remote workers, we can cut travel costs
and the workers can access to work without going to the office.
It's ideal not only for our company but also there should be companies
in need of such environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help to empower business management of our clients
by delivering a holistic solutions for all back-office needs which our clients have.
We want to maintain a long term business relationships with you by
being earnest and sincere in our services.