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Announcement of Publishing Interview Article on Information Website,”TocaLot.”

Date : 02/25/2019 17:20 (JST) Category : Information Reports

An interview article was published on the information website,”TocaLot.””TocaLot” is operated by ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, which provides communication service, “Tocaro,” for businesses.

Kanako Saito, who is COO of Mamasan&Company, and Miyo Sano, who works as a homeworker (called as Mama-san), talk about the way of working and attractiveness of “remote work” realized by Mamasan&Company.

The first part is entitled “How to balance work and child-care,” and they talk about the present situations of homeworkers.

In Mamasan&Company, approximately 300 homeworkers in Japan and overseas are managing balance between “child-care and work” now.
You can learn how to work and how to connect the work to the feeling of “accomplished”from Sano-san who work actually in Mamasan&Company.

The second part is entitled “rules and spirits.” They talk about the specific rules to operate “teleworking”and the tips and the attractiveness to continue to work.

Even”Homeworkers”are the members of the “Team” of Mamasan&Company. “Homework”is one of the ways to archive to balance work and child-care, and it helps you to use own skills and continue your career.
We will send you the real voice which talks about the attractiveness of the work style ☆

The first part

The second part

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