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Mamasan&Company is definitely our “general affairs” and “accounting” department!

Date : 02/04/2022 10:00 (JST) Category : BPO Times

We entrusted all general affairs and accounting tasks that had been handled by one person to Mamasan&Company. This has remarkably improved management efficiency.

Gokigen Honegumi
CEO Takashi Goto

From real estate management to running osteopathic clinics

Please tell us about your business.

Our company was founded in 2004 as an asset management company of my own profitable properties. On the 10th anniversary of our company, we started “osteopathic clinic management” as we wanted to try a new business.

It all started when we faced workload increase due to hiring more employees.

Please tell us what you do for your Work style reform* and why you started it? 

We started to use your service as the number of employees increased from 5 to 20 and then 30. The labor and social security attorney and I were in charge of general affairs (administration of health insurance, pension enrollment, payroll accounting, etc.); however, the workload increased more than we could handle that I had to consider hiring someone from outside the company. Eventually, I was referred to Mamasan&Company by a company which was actually using the service, and so I decided to use it.

I would say it was not quite work style “reform” because I was doing tasks of general affairs by myself. I think I should say “started” it.

There was no objection because I was the only one in charge of general affairs in the office, so it was smooth to shift everything.

*“Work style reform”is the reform of Japanese working system for people to be able to work in diverse and flexible ways, so that both people and companies can receive benefits from it such as productivity growth.

All general affairs and accounting tasks which had been handled by myself are now entrusted to Mamasan&Company. This has significantly improved management efficiency.

How our service helped your work style reform?

Currently, I leave more tasks to you such as creating salary deposit data, monthly financial report and other accounting tasks, not just general affairs.

All I have to do is to confirm. Which means, Mamasan&Company is in charge of general affairs and accounting that are necessary for my company.

As a result, I was able to improve management efficiency remarkably as a manager.  

Mamas’ correspondences are always polite. They respond quickly and properly to my requests. 

Keeping down the cost of middle management section such as general affairs and accounting.

How much was your budget to start work style reform including implementation of our service?

I was budgeting based on the labor cost of hiring full-time employees for general affairs and accounting. I can say we are now able to keep down the cost of middle management section to handle general affairs and accounting as we entrust it to you instead of hiring someone for it.

Our goal is to keep zero direct employment for general affairs and accounting. 

Do you have any new plan for your work style reform or business?

Currently, we run 6 clinics. Even if we open more, I think there is no problem with general affairs and accounting. In that regards, we want to entrust more tasks to you.  

We aim to continue “zero direct employment” for general affairs and accounting.