Operating Service

You can reduce the cost on paperwork by outsourcing back-office operations to Mamasan&Company.
Instead, you may want to allocate the budget to other cost such labor budget to productive departments more in services and/or products.


Why Choose Us

Thorough visualization and
standardization of our operating processes

We will prepare a proper flowchart and manual of each work procedure by observing the work procedure carefully.
We will contribute to improve our clients' operations and productivity.

Productivity improvement

The operations by remote workers in a cloud environment will minimize the fixed costs!
By cutting such costs, you can allocate the budget adequately, and it will result in better productivity.

24 hours one-stop service

We can provide comprehensive service in one place for the several processes and services that have been distributed to multiple locations and workers.
Since our remote workers are processing the work, we are able to be in operation 24 hours a day.

Multilingual support

As many of our remote workers live overseas, multilingual support is possible!
Please consult us about translation service between English and Japanese. We also welcome consultation about other languages!