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Payroll Outsourcing

Mamasan Company offer you payroll outsourcing service.Payroll accounting is not only a time-consuming and expensive
but also highly confidential task.By visualized work processes and making manualized flows, efficient payroll outsourcing service
can be possible.Please feel free to contact us if you consider starting a business in Japan or if you are a start-up company.
We suggest a service that can reduce time-consuming tasks and waste costs.

Payroll Outsourcing List

Monthly payroll processing
on salary calculation
Making a List of Payroll
Creation and sending of bank
transfer data via internet
Pay statement
List of payroll deductions

・Calculation of overtime work,
holiday allowance, and variable allowance
・Calculation of welfare pension, health insurance,
and employment insurance
・Calculation of income tax,
residential tax, etc.

Payroll Outsourcing List

Price Examples

Lite Plan

Payroll calculation for 50 people

(We can undertake the work even for a
smaller volume. Please contact us!)

Price;550,000 JPY(tax included)/year *About 5,400 USD
(Rate:1 USD = 100 JPY)

Standard Plan

Payroll calculation for 200 people

(The plan is just an example.
Please contact us!)

Price;1,980,000 JPY(tax included)/year *About 19,440 USD
(Rate:1 USD = 100 JPY)

Custom plan

Payroll calculation for 500 people

(Please contact us!)

Please contact us for more information about the price.

Why don’t you leave the payroll outsourcing service to us?Firstly, please consult with us.

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