My preparations for rainy season 2020

Date : 05/22/2020 07:00 (JST) Category : Blog

Hi all!! Are you relaxing at home while eating sweets? 

I’m MK, live in Japan. 

It was cold until yesterday, but it suddenly gets hot like summer,
it rains again, and the day comes at this cool time, and the rainy
season is approaching. I noticed. 

Unlike other countries, the rainy season in Japan is hot and humid, so I wish
I could introduce one or two of my wisdom to get through that time, but I can’t,
so I’d like to introduce the preparation for a slightly unusual rainy season
this time (^^9 

As a matter of fact, I like the rainy season. When the rainy season is over,
my hometown is hot and hot, and we need rain. I like rain and thunder,
and I like the calm situation before the storm (a little bit strange?). 

In addition to clothes, I stick to choosing my belongings in an important way.
For example, I pick a clear color pouch or bright color bag, and I try to enjoy going out on a rainy day. Because it is hot and humid, I do not wear a jacket.
My favorite is my rugby shirt. Last year, I wore it while taking volunteer
training for the World Cup, but it was comfortable. 

My umbrella broke last year, so I bought an umbrella with a little unusual
design decorated in the store. 

How is it? It’s a bit flashy and unique design, but when you walk around with
an umbrella on a rainy day, everyone will smile. From the rainy season to
the early fall, this umbrella will be very active. When I walked with an umbrella
last year, “The pattern of the watermelon is cute, open and show me!”  called
by many people. After I bought the umbrella, I also found a child’s umbrella
(watermelon, lemon, strawberry, orange, apple). I think when my daughter
gets a little bigger, it might be fun to go out with a matching watermelon

So now, I stay at home, and l enjoy the preparations for the rainy season.
Of course, l enjoy my work at Mamasan&Company. 

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