SecuritySecruity We put our
first priority on security.
With the secured system,
we confidently
provide services
with a big smile

RespectEveryone respects
one another and
understands their unique
individual working styles

CommunityIndividuals grow together
and support each other
in an open and stimulating
environment where we can
express our ideas and
thoughts freely

BusinessReliable networks
and communities
grow a strong
sustainable business

that improves
efficiency by 50%
realizing more than 50%
of work cost on back-office

_We provide the highest level services

Mamasan&Company Inc. will offer you Back-office operations such as corporate accounting, payroll, and merchandise ordering system operation in the cloud environment.

We are contributing to corporate profits by achieving an intensive business visualization and standardization through the construction of IT and platforms that support those BPO services.

We understand the client's needs and business goals deeply first, because those enable us to reduce the client's operation cost and provide high-quality services by our sophisticated and specialized remote workers.

Our Strength

High quality

Cost efficiency



Our Services


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