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【Seminar Report】We held the first convention of “Matching Exchange Meeting”!

Date : 12/17/2018 06:35 (JST) Category : Information Reports

I’m M who is coordinating events at Mamasan&Company.
We successfully held the first “matching exchange meeting” on 11th of December.
Although we are remote workers from home, we never feel alone because we work together as a team in Mamasan&Company.
We have put effort into providing the opportunities such as offline meetings in Kansai area, Kanto area and the US to build a good interpersonal relationships.
However, in fact, some people were not able to make those events since they were busy with their other competing tasks or the event places were too far to attend.
Therefore, we have started the project of “matching exchange meeting” using Skype to provide the place to chat online.

There were 4 attendees as we had planned, and they started an open conversation talked about “How is it like to be a team leader or an assistant” after introducing themselves.
・This is my first time to manage a project as a team leader, but am I doing okay?
・ How do you have a lively communication with your team members?
・Am I supposed to be involved in saying opinions for our clients in a positive manner?
・Would it be a challenging to be a team leader if I don’t have enough qualification in that field?
・I’ve been having difficulty finding a job that matches with to working condition, and so on.

We had exchanged our opinions that we have been feeling or caring in our daily life.
After the event was finished, one attendee was going to give it a try to do her first assistant work!
We couldn’t be happier if the event encouraged the attendee to take the first step.

We will schedule to hold the matching exchange meeting once a month!
In order to hold the next matching exchange meeting in the end of January (as planned), we have been discussing the topic for an open conversation!
Furthermore, we are thinking to hold a matching exchange meeting with potential workers who are interested in working at Mamasan&Company but a little bit hesitated to start.
Thank you for taking time to read and we appreciate your continued support!