M’s soliloquies~This is exactly why I am working with Mamasan&Company

Date : 02/21/2020 07:00 (JST) Category : Blog

I am so excited to write my first ever blog in English.

I have joined as a member of Mamasan&Company since last year 
and I work remotely beyond the border.

I have already spent almost half of my life overseas
and built my career with Japanese company here.
Even though I have lived in Southeast Asia,
my life style was completely same as Japanese office ladies called “OL”

As you may know, Japanese working culture is very unique
and the Japanese are well known in the world as tough workers 
and I was no exception.

The work I did as a full-time employee while raising 3 children was definitely very tough, 
but I felt rewarding because I could involved in world wide undertakings during my work.

However, thinking back,
I always sacrificed many things especially my family to achieve my career.
I have been on the fence for a couple of years,
but I decided to change my work-style
and seek the opportunities to take advantage of my career in my previous experiences.

That is exactly why I am here.

I was surprised when I jointed the online meeting with the top management of the company,
one of the attendee’s babies started to get fussy.
When the baby was crying badly, suddenly, one of the managements pacified a crying baby though online.

It made my day!!

On the other hand, the staff of this company hold responsibilities 
for the projects all the time and never slack off on their tasks.
They are always professional.

After I quit from my full time job and started with this company,
I finally my dream came true that my family could take one month vacation in Europe whilst working. 
This vacation became a trigger of my family to move to Europe this May.
What makes life interesting is the unknown part of it, right??


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