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The deciding factor is to build it together from scratch!

Date : 09/03/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : BPO Times

Mamasan&Company’s ability to respond flexibly and create something together is what appeals to me.

Kazunori Nakamura
Tatsuro Shinohara

Focusing on the apparel-related E-commerce business, we are also promoting the “B League” and “Hanabiratake-mushroom” businesses.

Please tell us about your company and business. Also, please tell us about the services you are requesting from us.

We operate 24 fashion mail-order stores mainly for customers in their 20s and 30s. Our shopping mall management system is one of the best in the industry, and we have received high evaluations from various sources. We also provide customer service and inventory management on the backyard side, lectures regarding multi-mall expansion, and consultations. 

As an expansion of our existing business, we also own a sports business (B-League) and a plant for cultivating Hanabiratake mushrooms, which requires special cultivation techniques.

We outsource some of the product image creation for our product pages to Mamasan&Company.

The challenge was to find a balance between staffing and costs during the busy and off-peak periods.

Please tell us about your company’s efforts of  Work style reform* and how you started.

In the apparel industry, there is a huge difference between the busy season and the off-season, so it has always been a challenge to find a way to fit resources in.

*“Work style reform” is the reform of Japanese working system for people to be able to work in diverse and flexible ways, so that both people and companies can receive benefits from it such as productivity growth.

The deciding factor was that we could work together to create a service that suited our needs.

What were the challenges you faced in reforming your work style? How did our service help your company to improve your work style?

When we outsourced parts of the project that we didn’t have to do ourselves, it was difficult to figure out how to request it.

To be honest, there were other options than Mamasan&Company when it came to starting the service smoothly, but you said, “Oh, we can make that happen” and from there, we discussed how to start from scratch. 

As a result, I became more confident that we could work together to create a service that suited our needs, and I think that was the biggest deciding factor for us.  

I think the appeal of Mamasan&Company is that you are flexible, willing to listen to us in order to create something together.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but we actually had one business partner before your company. We are still continuing with some parts of the project, but in terms of resources, there was a problem that the cost was nearly equal to hiring one more staff member. Also, when it came to handling the tremendous volume of products more efficiently, this company could not provide, and I was contacting three or four companies.

I was able to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by something and gain an advantage. 

How did your work style change after implementing our service? 

Before the implementation of the service, I really felt like I was being overwhelmed by something and I had to work overtime until very late during busy periods. Now that the burden has been reduced, the staff’s motivation has increased. We are now able to make time to face new challenges. In this sense, we believe that there was an added value other than simply having the images created.

I believe that with your company, we will definitely be able to make something happen.

Please tell us what your goals are for future work style reforms.

I am sure that with your company, we will be able to make something come to form. In that sense, I have high expectations for you.

We believe that we should do some of our strengths ourselves.

As we will go through various processes before selling the product, I hope we can raise the percentage of the work we outsource to you other than the core work.