The end of year!

Date : 12/20/2019 09:48 (JST) Category : Blog

I’m Clark.
I have lived in Hungary for 8 years.

I like the end of year because I have two excited events this season.

One is the Nutcracker season.

Nutcracker & Christmas tree

I always get some season tickets to see the ballet. 
It has a ticket of the Nutcracker this year. too.
I don’t remember how many times I saw it.
Maybe I have seen it over ten times.

The music is great♪ the dance is so wonderful?and then the kids are so cute.
I can feel the stress disappear. 
I can forget the years bad things.
And a few many Japanese dancers dance in National ballet in Hungary recently.
I could see them this show on that day!

And the other is the Christmas Carols season.

Carol book

I have joined the choir for 6 years.
I sang about the fifteen songs in Nine lessons & carols last Friday.
That event is held before Christmas at the church.
Nine people read the nine stories one by one form the bible.
And we sing a lot of songs.

It was very difficult for me to sing at the first year.
I could sing and I liked the Christmas music year by year.
I really enjoy singing them now!

But it is time to finish…
It almost finishes this year…
I had good and bad memories in 2019.
I hope I will have a great year in 2020!
And I wish you were a wonderful year as well.
Thanks a lot! 

I hope you enjoyed reading.
I will introduce another food or culture next time!

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