Regain your fascinating body by boxercise

Date : 07/16/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : Blog

Hello from the British Virgin Island!
It has been a year since I started working at Mamasan&Company.

Since I started working from home, my daily routine has become fixed. After breakfast and my daughter and husband leave the house, it is time for me to work from home.

Perhaps because I was at my desk for a long time, I started to have symptoms of eyestrain, headache, and back pain. Also, I noticed that my body became a little loose. I honestly looked back at myself, be naked and standing in front of the mirror then I prepared for a diet.

Less than $20 exercises equipment

I started a simple exercise that I can do at home for 30 minutes every day. I am not a good runner, I am not a fan of heavy gym equipment so I have just started with a jump rope.

Compared with other exercises such as jogging, swimming, playing tennis, or jumping rope burns a lot more calories per minute. Start by counting 100 jumps, intervene with squats, push-ups, abs, etc., and continue with 100 jumps for 10 minutes.

You can train your core by continuing to jump rope, which is a whole-body exercise. It also trains the lower body muscles such as the thighs and calves, so it is especially recommended for those who want to tighten their thighs and legs.

Also, by continuing the skipping rope diet every day, you can expect to improve cardiopulmonary function and strengthen endurance. Regular jump rope and moderate strain on the whole body will develop capillaries and increase the ability to carry oxygen.

3 set of Shadow boxing x Stretch

I thought shadow boxing was a difficult thing to do. In fact, shadow boxing is an easy exercise for anyone and has a high fat burning effect. Punch and kick toward the mirror as you imagine. At that time, the trick is to make a big movement while jumping lightly.

If you need a lot of things, or if there are days when you can’t train due to the weather, it is difficult to continue. Shadow boxing does not require anything other than easy-to-move clothes, so it is easy to get started, and because it can be done indoors, it is easy to continue training regardless of the weather.

Speeding up your movements while exercising is also one of the factors that improve the quality of your training. By playing up-tempo songs, the movement will naturally speed up, and you can expect a higher fat burning effect. Also, by doing it according to the song, you can enjoy it, so it should be easier to continue exercising. (I play the songs of my favorite Japanese rock band at a loud volume!!)

Repeat 3 sets of 3 minutes of shadow boxing and 3 minutes of stretching

Regain your beautiful body

To be honest, until you get used to it, you may want to quit or make excuses for yourself. Each time, I stand in front of the mirror and face reality. If you continue exercising without fail, it will become uncomfortable if you do not exercise. If that happens, this is the win!

Be honest with yourself
With reasonable ranges

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