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【Exhibitor Report】 Saitama Prefecture Remote Work Business Matching Exchange Meeting, January 21st,2019

Date : 01/29/2019 07:05 (JST) Category : Information Reports

Mamasan who participated in the exhibition booth of Mamasan&Company at the venue reports the situation of the day!
Hi, everyone!
This is “QQ” of Mamasan&Company.

I have attended the “Saitama Prefecture Remote Work Business Matching Exchange Meeting (Creator-related jobs)” held in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture!!

The venue was Saitama Women Career Center “With YOU Saitama.”

Saitama Prefecture is an area where the support for female homeworkers is very active across the country.
There is a section called “Womanomics Division,” which provides various supports by the local government.
Therefore, the number of homeworkers is very large in Saitama Prefecture ☆彡
※ “Womanomics” = “Woman” (Women) + “Economics” (Economy)

This means the economic revitalization by women and the way of economy driven by women’s power as a worker and a consumer.
By chance, I have lived in Saitama Prefecture since last August due to my husband’s transfer from Chubu region, and I was able to take part in this event.
As I participated in this initiative, I realized an outstanding achievement in the local support of Saitama Prefecture (^ ^)

This event is a business matching meeting for the companies which are looking for homeworkers and female homeworkers.
The event this time was especially designed for creators. And, many creators were participating!

We, Mamasan&Company, are now focusing on recruiting creators, so it was a good opportunity for us to talk with many of them.

This time, I brought my 3 years old child and joined at Mamasan&Company booth with two on-site members.
I was really worried whether my child would stay quietly. Somehow, I was able to manage it safely (thanks to Anpanman block and gummy candy) (^ ^)

We could answer to the questions from creator workers who participated in the event, explained the procedures after they applied for the enrollment to Mamasan&Company and talked them about the part of “work in a team!” which would be unique for homeworkers.

And, we could present the flyers and movies created by Mamasan&Company Creative Team directly to the visitors!

Next time, the matching meeting for all types of work is scheduled in February.
We look forward to your visit if interested!

At Mamasan&Company, besides the creators, there are all kinds of back office work! Accounting, labor management, payroll, recruitment, call, IT development, and so on. . .

You will surely find a job that suits you ~ (^ ^)
Thank you very much for all participants who visited our exhibition booth.

Details on the next exhibition will be updated on this site as soon as it is fixed.

Mamasan&Company is looking for people who want to work actively in various fields ♪
Registration form is here ☆彡