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Hello from Hungary.
It has already been in the middle of May this year.
I can’t believe that.

We have had very nice weather for few days in Hungary. We could see beautiful blue sky!
I was so glad to see that.


May has two big events. 

There are two big events in May both in Japan and Hungary.

One is ” Mother’s Day” and the other is “Children’s Day”. Mother’s Day is one of the international celebrations. In many countries, people say “Happy Mother’s Day!”. But we said, ”Arigatou Okaasan” in Japan. It means “Thank you, Mother” in English. Some people asked me how do you say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Japanese? I always think about it as a little bit different nuance between Japanese and English.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day in Hungary is the first Sunday in May but in most countries, people celebrate it on the second Sunday. We have already celebrated Mother’s day this year. Did you give some presents to your mother? Or did you get some gifts from your kids?

What gift do you give for Mother’s Day?

In Japan and Hungary, we have similar customs. Children draw their mother’s picture, make paper flowers, give a card, or a ticket for helping mother. Otherwise, children who grew up to give some flowers or something which mother wants.


Children’s Day

Children’s Day is on May 5th in Japan. It is the last day during the holidays. And also, there is Children’s Day on the last Sunday of May in Hungary. I would like to introduce each Children’s Day.

Japanese Children’s Day 

Since ancient times, Children’s Day has been a day of celebration in Japan. Families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children.

On that day, families with boys pull out huge carp’s family (it is a kind of flags), which is called “Koinobori” and put outside of the house. The carp symbolizes strength and success but most people live in apartments or smaller houses recently. It is difficult to hang them in their garden so they have small ones and they decorated those inside. 

The carps

They also display the dolls of warriors and other heroes inside the house. Because helmets and armor are tools to protect ourselves. we wish to protect the boys from illness and accidents, and become strong.

And then there are special food called “Kashiwa mochi” and “Chimaki” for Children’s Day.

“Kashiwa mochi” is rice cake wrapped in oak leaf and filled with red beans. 

“Chimaki” has two kinds of type. The sweet rice cake is eaten in westside and the sticky rice ball is eaten in east side and one part of Shikoku area. Both “Chimaki” are wrapped in bamboo leaves.

The sweat ChimakiThe sticky rice Chimaki

Hungarian Children’s Day 

Children’s Day is viewed as a perfect opportunity to educate children as well in Hungary. Because one of the priests gave a special sermon for and about children at a long time ago. 

Originally, people celebrated something called Children’s Week for one week but later they have changed the period time from a week to just a day.

Normally, we have many kinds of fun and educational events or programs in many places on Children’s Day.

One of my favorite things is Kids’ announcement in the tram. If we get on the tram 4 and 6 in Budapest, we can hear the announcement of the tram station’s name by kids voice around Children’s Day. I hope I can hear it this year, too!

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