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Basic Accounting Course on November 14th, 2018

Date : 11/14/2018 13:30 (JST) Category : Information Reports

“Basic Accounting Course for a sole proprietor” was held in Sannohe-town, Aomori Prefecture today.

Our president, Mr. Tanaka, was on the stage as the instructor! !

This time, M&C cloud’s accountant also joined the event through Skype as a special guest instructor.
The lecture was made mainly by the instructor.
There were two main points in the lecture content!

The accountant mainly talked about
[What are income tax and tax return?]
[What does dependent mean?]
The following is a brief explanation…

★What is tax return?★
The country is not involved.
Each citizen declares by oneself.
No one can know unless you declare it.

★What kind of people need to file a tax return??★
It’s a compulsory for every citizen.
①Exempted people
⇒Those who do not need to pay tax, that is, those whose tax is zero.
⇒It is necessary to declare not to declare.

②Salaried employee
⇒ It does not appear to have filed a tax return, but actually the company does it on behalf = year-end adjustment
⇒In the case that tax is generated even at 1 yen and the company does not file a tax return⇒It is necessary to declare it by yourself
For the reason listed above, we understand that people working at Mamasan&Company need to file a tax return.

★About tax calculation★
①Payment of tax when profit comes
(payroll, earn money, selling stocks, winning a horse races and/or lottery, money picked up, etc.)
⇒Pay some income tax and inhabitant taxes against a profit
②Various deductions (allowable)
After calculating ①, some amount will be deducted from taxable income.
■Basic deduction (380,000 yen)⇒380,000 yen can be subtracted from denominator of the tax
■ Medical expenses deduction⇒Medical expenses and the transportation expenses for doctor’s visit can be subtracted
■ 1% of outstanding borrowings can be subtracted
■ A spousal deduction or spouse special deduction can be counted

The course proceeded in this way.

After covering such topics, the talks spread from “business income” and “miscellaneous incomes” and dependent deduction to extremely useful essences such as “Which income category do you apply?” and “What will change if your income exceeds 1.03 million yen, 1.3 million yen and 1.5 million yen?”. The lecture went on with a very enjoyable talk by the instructor.

Although most people feel extremely difficult when it is written about tax, it was very easy to understand the explanation of the lecturer. I felt time flew so quickly.
Everyone at the venue also looked enjoying the lecture!(^^)!

Lastly, the instructor kindly responded to individual questions. I found it was a meaningful course.

Through this course, I hope we are able to create a system that can support the tax returns for the staffs who work on an outsourcing agreement in the future.