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The 6th Kansai Area Mama’s meet-up

Date : 11/13/2018 13:00 (JST) Category : Information Reports

The Mama’s meet-up was held on 10th November☆
I joined as the organizer with my two kids.

Although it was my first time to be the organizer of such an event, I had got everything arranged very well thanks to everyone, especially the former organizer’s strong support.
However, as I expected, I became a bit nervous about going to my first meet-up but was able to calm down after I was chasing the kids who couldn’t stop running around. I thanked to my kids ^_^;

At the event venue, other on-site members supported to arrange everything while I could not take my eyes off from my kids.
At the event, I gained a great opportunities to meet and greet my client face-to-face.
Usually, we work online only. Therefore,the impression was different from what I expected when we met each other.
I was so excited to be able to meet my client finally.

In addition, the self-introduction session was also very informative. I’ve learned a lot from other participants!
Especially, it was very interesting to know how everyone refresh themselves from stress because I have got stressed from very aggressive boys sometimes!!!
Our president Mr. Tanaka said, “I am a stress free person. I’ve not been so stressed since long ago….”
Mr. Tanaka told us that he always said what he wanted to say.
I realized that it would be the perfect way to be free from stress.

Last but not least, Mamasan&Company is Child-Friendly Company!!!
Everyone did a favor for me without looking annoyed even my kids spilled juices on the table several times…
I truly realized that I would be willing to continue to work with those amazing Mamas (^−^)