Information Reports

November 13th, 2018, Career Mom Event

Date : 11/16/2018 11:48 (JST) Category : Information Reports

We have participated in “SAITAMA Work from Home Business Matching Fair 2018” held in Saitama City, 2018/11/13!!
This is a matching event of ordering companies which want to outsource their work to homeworkers and female homeworkers.
A total of 150 homeworkers participated, and 40 companies exhibited.

A lot of participants of homeworker visited the booths of each company and were hearing explanation. The participants came to our booth one after another to hear our company’s guidance.
This time, it was an offer for the position of “all operations”, and I met the participated homeworkers who had various backgrounds such as creative, HR and accounting.

We received the following favorable reactions (^ ^)
It will be interesting to be able to do both work I want to try and the work I’ve ever experienced!
I was surprised to hear that the company offers the work as a team at home!
The follow-up system is in place, so I can work with peaceful mind!

I was parched with thirst since I kept talking ( ;∀;)
I wanted to convey the attractiveness of working at Mamasan&Company to as many people as possible, and I really tried my best!

In Saitama Prefecture, such events are held regularly. We are planning to participate in the even in next January and February as well.

The Saitama Women’s Career Center provides a service called “Employment Support Project for Homeworking,” and it actively conducts support projects for homeworking with “Career Mam” which is a outsourced company.

The next event will be held at the Saitama Women’s Career Center “With You Saitama” (Saitama City). If you live near by, please visit there!