BPO Times

The primary factor of our smooth teleworking is largely due to the implementation of your service.

Date : 04/30/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : BPO Times

As a result of implementing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), we could review and visualize the workflow.

Producing and managing websites. 

Please tell us about your company overview and business.

We mainly provide website production, management services, and consulting.

Why not implement BPO instead of hiring a new person for the accounting operations.

Please tell us about your effort put into work-style reform and why you started it.

Our accountant had to leave the company, so we were initially thinking of hiring a new person.

At the time, my friend introduced Mamasan&Company to me, and the consultant gave me a lot of good advice. As a result, we decided to use BPO instead of hiring a new person for the overall accounting operations (payment confirmation, bookkeeping, invoice issuing etc.). 

At first, I was very concerned about where to start, but I got a lot of support from the consultant and Leader Mama.

What was your concern when you were moving forward with work-style reform? Also, how did you resolve that issue?

I am ashamed to say this, but I had left all the accounting work to the person in charge.

In the future, we would like to ask you to provide BPO for our production and IT support to our clients.

Please tell us about any ways of working or operations that you would like to reform in the future, and what you expect from us.

Since there are few internal resources around web production, we want to use BPO for the production area, especially for the director position, so that our employees can focus on their consulting work.

We also have clients who are not so IT literate, so our employees are spending a lot of time to assist them to do web conferences. For example, it would be helpful if we could request some of the support, although it sounds a small thing, such as having Mamas help those clients so that we can conduct web conferences with them. 

We are planning to create an environment in which productivity will not decrease under any circumstances.

Please tell us about your goals for future work-style reform.

We have introduced telework, but we get feedback from some employees that they can’t concentrate at home because of family situations.

Also, PC specs and display size affect to work efficiency for the production members. Therefore, even if we provide them with laptops, some of them may not be able to work everywhere with the same efficiency.

Currently, due to the spread of Covid-19, we are having our employees work from home on specific days. However, when the pandemic has settled down, we will keep in mind that the employees should be able to do “the work that needs to be done” not just from home but “anytime and anywhere that suits them.” Although our employees have various situations and tasks, we want to create a flexible work environment, working hours, management system, etc., so that they can work without strain where productivity will not decrease.