A break time for a little while

Date : 08/09/2019 06:10 (JST) Category : Blog

Hi everyone! I live in Oakland, US! 
It’s been a half a year since I moved here to the United State.

I have been learning the new things such as the culture or lifestyle.
At the same time, somehow I feel like an accommodating myself to the new circumstances. ?

Now, I would love to share my new hobby with you.

It is a sport! That is basketball‼?

※Well, I actually don’t play it! Just watching! ※


One of the biggest differences between my life in Japan and America is the SPORTS.
Since I came here, I became an enthusiastic fan of basketball♡

My husband and I support the provincial team named The Warriors lately.
GO! Warriors!

I like the superstars in the team and the atmosphere that the players trust the coach and vice versa, as well! ?

They are definitely making my day!
However, the season has been over a while ago, it’s a break time now.
I can not wait for the next season though!

As for the work, I started a job at Mamasan&Company newly in this June.
Everything at Mamasan&Company is totally new for me to do.

I sometimes have the difficulties but bosses and colleagues are very helpful, supportive, and great. That’s wonderful, isn’t it??

I enjoy myself as a new one at any places.
I am looking forward to telling you some stories of my life soon again!


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