Summer Vacations

Date : 07/25/2019 06:39 (JST) Category : Blog

This is Smarile working for Mamasan&Company as a contractor for about 1 year. 

Here comes the exciting yet the toughest summer vacations, although the weather is not catching up! I guess the summer vacations are the toughest time here in Japan for working moms.


Of course it is because the kids are home all the time, and it is not very common to have someone – non-family member- to take care of them. Still, in our family, my husband and I decided not have TV to take care of our son, as we felt how strong the TV’s power is and its influence -good or bad- ever since he was about 1-month-old baby. We basically do not (or try not to) watch TV, PC, mobiles in front of our boy, who has just turned 5 last month. Well, that is the basic idea, but now he watches DVDs (only English ones are allowed), You Tube (trains and Lego in any language are his choices) , and I do some works on my PC while he is around, trying to finish in short time…otherwise he would shut off my PC! 

We just want him to be interested in real things, in the real world. We do not want him to think that everything he wants to see/know is available in PC by just asking Google. He sometimes  asks us to search some specific videos; steam locomotives, water wheels, insects, dinosaurs, fish, etc. Anything he finds in stories/books and gets curious to know about. This is more than welcome. After searching and watching videos, we actually go to see the places and things that we search, if only possible, so that he learns that the things he sees in videos exist in the real world. 

Seeing is believing:

We love travelling and doing local activities as much as possible, what should we do for this summer? 

In Texas, Michigan, and even in Canada, we have rowed kayaks and canoes, so why not in Japan and why not with our kid?

It may sound a little bit ironic; I do my work on my PC and everything starts and ends in PC. Still we feel and know that there are real people, other working moms, on the other side of the network and we work as a team all the time. That is what I like the most about working with Mamasan&Company. You only need internet connection to start to work with us anywhere any time. I wish I had known about the company while I lived in the US. 

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