Picnic at Work!?

Date : 06/28/2019 06:30 (JST) Category : Blog

Hello! This is H2 from Wisconsin, USA☆

There was a picnic event at my husband’s work place the other day.

The employees can bring their family and friends, so we went there with my parents-in-law.

It was hard to walk around because there were bunch of people.
It was very nice out and I used the carrier to carry our baby, but it is very hot for her! So we ended up using the stroller.

The best food I had was “deep fried risotto”!
It was very cheesy and tasty ?

There was a kid’s area inside the building!
So, the kids can play there.
(Many adults are having fun actually!)

We had so much fun there, but I was surprised that there was an event like this for employees and their families.

Are there any events like this in Japan? 

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