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Date : 12/17/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : Blog

Hello!! This is U from Adelaide in Australia. I have two primary school-age kids and I would like to share the fun we do during the festive season.

Summer in Adelaide

This year Adelaide had a long cold, wet winter but now it starts to get hot and sunflowers are blooming so summer has finally come!!


People in Adelaide love spending time at the beaches!!

On the day I took the photo, the surf life-saving patrol approached each person on the beach and advised us not to go too deep in the water as a 4m great white shark was sighted! Patrol on the boats, jet skis, and a helicopter were out to search and annoy it away with the wave and noise. That is kind of a normal summer scene at South Australian beaches. But we do not have crocodiles in the water so it is a bit safer, right?

at the beach

Christmas in Summer

Summer comes, which means the holiday season starts! The biggest event is Christmas!! Santa came to the town last month for the pageant. Then, everyone started to get ready for Christmas.

◆Put the Tree up

As Santa in town, people put their Christmas tree up and start to decorate in and out of their houses.

There are a quite few streets which are famous for their Christmas decorations and people drive there with kids at night to see the illuminations.

◆Advent calendar

Advert calendar is very popular here. Especially, ones with lollies or chocolates. My kids beg me to get one for each every year. So this year, I use Little Christmas sock decoration with numbers 1-25 and put 2 small lollies or chocolates in each sock instead of buying ones. SO many (TOO much) sweets!! Finger cross, my kids’ dentist won’t tell me off after Christmas.

◆Elvis the Elf (The Elf on the Shelf)

He is visiting us again!! At our house, the elf comes on the first day of the school holiday. He is not as cheeky as other ones. He just enjoys hide and seek with my kids every morning till Christmas. I heard other elves do lots of naughty things from the 1st of December till Christmas but not in my house (^^)

Elvis the Elf Advent

◆Gingerbread house

I must admit that I am not good at baking but my kids still wanted to decorate a gingerbread house. Thank you for the shops selling gingerbread house decoration kits!! Especially, the one I found contains an assembled gingerbread house, ready-to-use icing, and lollies! All I need to do is put the icing on the house and let the kids put lollies on it. Not bad, right?

Gingerbread house

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with their loved ones wherever they were during this exciting and busy time of the year.

Stay safe!!

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