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Outsourcing – boost efficiency and maximize productivity.

Date : 10/01/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : BPO Times

Outsourcing the parts of business functions reduced the workload on our employees.

Matilda Co., Ltd
Management Dpt, Kazumi Kubo

From wholesale of vegetables to restaurant consulting services, as a “farm- born greengrocer”.

Tell us about your company.

We sell fresh vegetables that we curated from local farmers all over Japan. We also specialize in restaurant consulting services that provide insight into menu development and financial planning including cost-effective purchase and logistics. We are now expanding our business to selling our vegetables to general customers at the farmer’s market.

Work smarter, not harder -build a proper organizational structure to tackle the overtime issues.

How and when did you started “Work style reform”*?

We ship vegetables during the night from Ota Market and all the necessary paper works are done during the day, which means our company operates 24 hours and working overtime became no longer negligible.

We thus decided to turn over back-office functions to Mamasan&Company.

We also developed an organizational structure to assign multiple employees to the same task so that we could tackle overtime challenges.

*“Work style reform” is the reform of Japanese working system for people to be able to work in diverse and flexible ways, so that both people and companies can receive benefits from it such as productivity growth.

They are very attentive and can execute the outsourced tasks quickly and accurately.

Tell us how Mamasan&Company helped your Work style reform.
What was your budget for outsourcing services?

Since we outsourced parts of operational functions, such as receiving orders, purchasing data inputs and sending bills, we could free up resources that can deliver higher yields for our company and see other benefits including increased efficiency of back-office tasks.  

Prior to the project launch, outsourcing personnel from Mamasan&Company formed a team of experienced professionals and developed the operational manuals. They are very attentive and execute the outsourced tasks quickly and accurately.

We were looking at the cost of outsourcing as equivalent to a personnel expense.

We want to create comfortable work environment for my employees in the long term.

Any improvement for your work style or processes?

As the number of vegetables we wholesale grows, accurate and consistent product data management becomes a vital factor for smooth operations. With the continuing involvement of Mamasan&Company, we want to create comfortable work environment for my employees in the long term.