Hello Japan, Hello Mamasan&Company!

Date : 01/24/2020 07:52 (JST) Category : Blog

G’day from Adelaide Australia!

I went back Tokyo over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday
and just came back to Adelaide last week.

I had such a beautiful time for the last 4 weeks.
I went to many places and met the people I wanted to meet
and one of the biggest events!

This iconic monument will give you a hint,
I went to the Mamasan&Company “real world” gathering party.

I’ve been working for Mamasan&Company for 3 months
and it’s an absolutely brilliant experience and a great journey!

Working from home, but it always feels like there are people around me.
So I never felt loneliness or worrying about work.
It was great to actually meet the people who I’m working with.
And also I got a warm welcome like I get at work (online) .

I brought my 2 daughters and husband with me.
And they enjoyed meeting Mamasan&Company’s members too.

Being able to see the Mamasan&Company office in Tokyo
and meet the workers and their families made my husband appreciate what a great opportunity it is for me to be part of the Mamasan&Company’s community which provides me with a flexible way to work from home in Australia while feeling a strong connection with Japan. 

I’m back in Australia and getting started working at home again.
Now I feel even more motivated and like we’re not really separated by thousands of kilometers.

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