Happy Thanksgiving!

Date : 11/26/2018 06:49 (JST) Category : Blog

This is Nabeko in Los Angeles.(*^^*)

November 22nd was Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday.
It is the day we share foods and express thanks for everything.
We get together with family and enjoy special foods like turkey.


Every year since I got married, my mother-in-law cooked the turkey.
But, we decided to cook it together this year‼

First, we got the Groccery‼
Can of heavy cream, Small Lemon Juice, Parmesan Cheese, Broccoli,
Onion, Garlic, Celery, Chicken Broth, Baby carrots, Bell peppers….


And Turkey♡

Okay, then let’s cook.☆彡
We’re going to make a stuffing. (using sourdough bread)


We lined the turkey platter with chopped vegetables,


Clean the turkey,  and placed it on top of the vegetables.
We stuffed the turkey, and trussed it.
Then we smeared it with butter and seasoned it with apple cider, red wine, lemon juice and other seasoning.

It was ready to go in the oven.
We slow cooked it for about 4 to 5 hours‼

It’s finished!!!!!


We also made Alfredo Pasta, 


Sweet potato,


Oven baked cheese stuffing.


We made a lot!! 
…Actually, my husband made almost. Haha.


It was sooooooo delicious!!!!!

The day after Thanksgiving was Black Friday.☆
Most store have a big sale. (It is like New Year’s  Sale in Japan)

We got the new child car seat with super good deal. Yay!!
Still warm but getting cooler here.
See you soon!

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