Did you celebrate SAKURA season?

Date : 04/09/2021 10:00 (JST) Category : Blog

Hello !! 

In April we have one of Japan’s favorite festivals called Hanami. It is the cherry blossom festival. We say Sakura Zensen when cherry blossoms season starts. All of the Japanese news shows when the cherry blossoms will bloom, which tells you where is the best place to enjoy cherry blossoms at what period. It starts from south to north for around a two-week of the period. The period is quite short so all Japanese are excited to prepare for the festival.


People change winter clothes and choose more light colors fashion that also makes it feel that spring is coming! When Sakura Zensen is nearby your place, people have a picnic lunch under amazing cherry blossoms.  Often we have three generations enjoy together and bring bento boxes of food. There are grandma’s rice-balls, mom’s chicken wings, kids’ favorite sweet eggs, sandwiches, the full cooler of vegetables, and lots of snacks!! All goods in one big bento box. 

Kids are running around trying to pick up cherry pedals, adults are enjoying natural Sakura Ganesh Sake under the cherry blossom trees (We can drink alcohol in public in Japan!!) 

In the USA you can enjoy Sakura in Washington, D.C. they have The National Cherry Blossom Festival with more than 3000 Sakura trees. During this COVID-19 pandemic sadly not much activities but they will have online ceremony!! So you can enjoy Sakura at home…

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