Easter Treats in Australia

Date : 03/19/2021 12:30 (JST) Category : Blog

This is MH from Australia.

It is March and the Easter holidays are not far away. We are starting to see the shelves filled with various Easter eggs in shops, one of the exciting signs of Easter’s approach. Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere of the globe, Australian Easter celebrates harvests of autumn instead of rejoicing in the coming of spring.

People enjoy the last warm days going to events and participating in outdoor activities with their friends and families. One of the popular activities during Easter holidays is no doubt Easter egg hunt, especially with egg-shaped chocolates.

Easter Candies

There are so many kinds of chocolate Easter eggs, they come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and ingredients. Well, the heat from the sun during this time of the year can be still strong in Australia, so watch out! You might find melted chocolate eggs on the colored leaves if you don’t find them quickly enough!


Shelves stacked with various chocolate Easter eggs.


My children collected a box full of chocolate eggs and didn’t want any more for several days after eating them all last year. Now, as a year nearly passed, they are again excited to collect and consume them as much as possible!

What is Bilby?

The iconic Easter Bunny is also celebrated in Australia, but do you know about Easter Bilby? The bilby is a small native marsupial with long ears and a pointy snout which is endangered in Australia. Because rabbits are actually considered pests in Australia for causing damage to the environment and the farms, Easter Bilby campaign began to replace the Easter Bunny with the native wildlife; the campaign is to support the bilby conservation efforts by donating a portion of sales of bilby products, including chocolate Easter Bilbies.

However, since the major chocolate manufacturer stopped producing their bilbies in 2018, stocks of the chocolate bilby become more sparse year on year. As a matter of fact, I went to 5 major stores in search of chocolate bilbies and found only 1 store with the product in stock this year.


These are the chocolate Easter Bilbies that I bought a few days ago. It was literally Easter Bilby hunting to find them! I will keep choosing chocolate bilbies over bunnies as long as the product is available to help recover the native animals.

Hot Cross Buns!

Other than chocolate treats, there are also baked Easter goods which is called hot cross buns in Australia. Hot cross buns are generally a spiced bun filled with dried fruits. These are topped with an iced cross, symbolizing the crucifixion. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, we can find them all throughout the Easter holiday time. Although they taste a bit spicy, my children love these fluffy buns made with lots of sweet dried fruits and not to mention the icing part.


I hope that you can enjoy the upcoming Easter holidays while keeping the people you care about safe and happy, even during these challenging times of COVID-19. 

Happy Easter!

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