Worker details


Address / 住まい
Aichi / 愛知県

Age Of Children / 子供の年齢
8 , 5

Service Year / 勤続年数
2 Years / 2 年

Experience Leader Ship / リーダー経験
Human Resources / 人事
Call Handling / コール
Data Entry and Processing / データ入力

Comment / コメント


Because I work from home and look after my children at home, I try to keep my work and life separate. I try to incorporate physical activity into my daily life to solve my lack of exercise and I walk to a supermarket nearby with my second boy during my break. I am learning every day and always keep myself open to new fields. I became a leader soon after I started working at Mamasan&Company Inc.. I like to send out messages from myself, be attentive to others and want to become a person whom people can rely on.