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“Kanto Moms Offline Party” was held!

Date : 06/19/2017 16:58 (JST) Category : Information Reports

Hi, I’m “tomatogirai”!
“Kanto Moms Offline Party” was held yesterday (^-^)

“Kanto Moms Offline Party” is a meeting where homeworkers (Mamasan) who live in Kanto area get together voluntarily at the office in Shinjuku, and they enjoy communication having snacks and drinks.
Wow! What a surprising personnel selection! This time, “tomatogirai” was appointed as an organizer of this event, and the day had passed by like a storm (^^;

We, Mamasan & Company, are a company organized by people who work from home. Therefore, we mainly communicate with other moms and clients through chat or bulletin boards of Cybozu LIVE and occasionally interact with each other by phone or Skype. We rarely get together in person, so it’s a really important event!

Under such circumstances, the president of the client company, which I’m in charge of, found that I was the organizer of this event, and he kindly joined the party though he must have been busy.
I could not afford even just the duty of the organizer, and it looked already quite over my capacity…

Inevitably, the amount of alcohol has also increased…
Oh well, being able to meet other moms and clients in person and saying hello to them was a very fruitful harvest, so I hope it will be an useful experience for future work.

Anyhow, I drank from 11:00 to 18:00, and as a result of continuing to drink without taking a meal from the pressure of the role of the organizer, it is needless to say that I was too drunk to walk properly and had a terrible return trip.

It did absolutely make sense ?
Moreover, on the way back, I got caught in a sudden downpour, and I was quite like “rub salt into a wound” ?

Anyway, aside from my personal experience, I would like to look back on today’s meeting. It was a pleasure to see that the local talk was heating up unexpectedly by adding “current residence area” and “hometown” in the topics of self-introduction.
This time, there were quite a lot of people from Chiba, so Chiba talks were hot!! However, I found that many of them came from various areas. And again, I could realize that they were working in this Mamasan&Company.

I was able to talk with the on-site workers working in the Shinjuku office as well. They were from China, Vietnam, France, and so on!!
It was a extremely meaningful time for me, who usually work at home, to hear very exciting stories.

If I had a little more time, I could hear more about the culture of other countries.
I’m looking forward to the next opportunity (^-^).
Also for everyone who participated, it would be very nice if yesterday’s meeting was meaningful.
If you have a chance, please give us your feedback.

That’s all my report of “Kanto Moms Offline Party”.
The scenery of “Kanto Moms offline Party” is here ↓