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Website design, operation and management without hassle and cost

Date : 06/05/2020 07:26 (JST) Category : BPO Times

Over the last two decades, internet media has become widely used by companies of all sizes for their promotions, sales and marketing strategies. Compared to television and paper-based media, internet media has the attractiveness of affordability and the ability to transmit information efficiently and advertise in targeted markets.

On the other hand, when you launch your own website, you need to hire full-time staff for its operation and management. If you cannot afford to hire a full-time staff, you must assign the task to some employee who are engaged in other duties. In whichever cases, it seems to get too much burden of taking care of website design and management.

We bet you wonder if there is any help that undertake both website design and the management together with a cost-effective price. We also believe, for those who are starting up business, creating a website as a premarketing tool and managing the website after the start of the business are important considerations.

Let us introduce useful information on costs and tasks for website design to its operation and management.

What is the trend of website creationdesign?

Company website is a corporate face that reflects the corporate image and concept.

When designing a website, we would suggest you to study the appropriate design method and the type of website according to your company’s purpose, so that it will be finished as expected. Website design can be done in-house or outsourced to a website design company.

The types of websites

There are various types of websites. Roughly classified, there are six types: corporate sites that convey company information, job-offering and recruitment sites, blog-type sites, promotion sites for raising the awareness of products and companies, online shopping sites, and information service sites. And with the emergence of new demands and objectives, the variety continues to expand.

Designing a website in-house 

In-house design requires people who have knowledge of web design technology, designing software and languages ​​(HTML, CSS, etc.) in-house. In order to prepare the website design environment in physical terms, it is necessary to purchase dedicated devices and specialized software. However, if your company already has all of these, you can expect some cost benefits. In addition, because it is in-house, it is easy to set up meetings, and it can respond to sudden and sensitive internal changes during a work in progress.

Outsourcing website design 

It is no exaggeration to say that most companies nowadays outsource website design. It can save you a lot of time compared to designing it in-house, and you can also expect the quality of the website and fast delivery. And most importantly, you don’t have to hire anyone just for website designing.

The number of website design companies has increased, and there are some who can cope with the high level of specialization in each industry. It is essential to select one that suits your demand. It may be a good idea to use the service site where you can specify the website design conditions and get quotations from several companies.

Although outsourcing website design does not require in-house labor, it costs more than $1,000 because the professional will be working for it. That might make the total cost for website design higher than doing it in-house. Besides that, it is challenging to communicate properly to tell your desire to your subcontractor. If you did not pay enough attention, your subcontractor might design a website which is beautiful, sophisticated but totally different from what you expected. Having required meetings with the subcontractor and keeping in close touch with them is important.

About website management

As with website management, there are two ways to manage a website: one is to do it in-house and the other is to outsource it. Designing a website is not easy, but website operation and management also require specialized knowledge, and there are many tasks to be done. Since the number of management tasks is depending on the website, it is preferable to determine what management items your website has firstly, and decide whether to do it in-house or to outsource it.

The tasks for website management

As mentioned above, there are various tasks depending on the website. the following items are most common ones for website management. For each tasks, there may be different types of management depending on the purpose of the website. For example, in SNS operation, there are management types as many as the number of SNS used by the company.

・ Access status analysis, content update, UI/UX analysis
・ Improvement
・ Response to inquiries
・ Server management, system adjustment
・ SNS operation (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), mail magazine distribution
・ Other

Website management and operation in-house

There are diverse works to manage and operate websites in-house.
When managing website in-house, it is the key to have an administrator who understands the purpose and target audience of the website. It is not recommended for managing your website in-house, if there is no one familiar with the terms such as “HTML” and “server” in your company.

There are always purposes for websites, such as raising awareness of the company, acquiring new customers, selling products, or as a communication tool for improving the convenience of existing customers. Website manager should be someone who has ability to control the operation policy and the management protocol according to the purpose for the website.

Outsourcing website management and operation

There are two types of outsourcing: one is to have undertaken all the management and operation of the website, and the other is to have undertaken support in specialized fields such as design area or systems area. In other words, it is possible to outsource only portions of items in website management that cannot be covered by in-house.

Subcontractors implement SEO measures for the target audience, and respond to the evaluation and quality improvement of their clients’ website with professional way. Many of them also provide their clients with up-to-date information on website operations and management, and provide necessary advice and consulting service.

Is it better to outsource website management?

Recently, it is believed that outsourcing website management is better due to its process characteristics.

Let’s find out why.

Website management in-house

It is likely that a company can afford to hire only one specialist for in-house website management because of the labor cost. If that so, that company should be aware of the risk that the task could become dependent on an individual skills. It might trigger an issue that the website would not be updated timely when the specialist, who is in charge, is no longer available.

Up-to-date contents are crucial part of all websites. If it cannot be updated properly, there is no point in launching the website after all. Hiring more than couple of website management specialists will increase labor cost. And if the website management task is assigned to existing employees, they might find difficult to juggle it and the their original work.

In addition, if the existing employees who are not experts are doing the website management, what they can handle is limited. Therefore, it is difficult for them to maintain the website thoroughly as good as it is outsourced. Even if you spend a lot of time for it, the result might not reach your expectation. We eagerly hope that the all websites built to be successful.

Outsourcing website management

If you outsource website management, you can easily imagine that the subcontractor is a group of website specialists who can properly look after websites. Because multiple specialists will take care of one client, the task is unlikely to become individualized, and that enable to respond promptly for time-consuming version update, specification changes, and security updates and so on.

They also focus 100% on maintaining and improving the quality of the website as well as professional SEO plan. It will contribute to achieve the goal of launching the website. You might concern about the cost, but thinking about their performance and the reliable quality, many companies seem to make a conclusion that it is cost-effective choice.

The cost of website management fee

The market price per month for website management costs are as follows;

$50 or less: Managing a website in-house
$50 to $200: General website administrative expenses
$200 to $500: Solid website management can be expected
$500 or more: Advanced website operations to attract customers can be expected 

Reference; Web-kanji:  https://web-kanji.com/posts/hp-runningcost

Outsourcing website design, management and operation

There are several ways to outsource website.

The way to outsource website

For outsourcing the website related tasks, there are two methods: one is to order comprehensively from one company, from develop and design to operation and management of the website. Another method is to place an order for each phase or process with different companies.

Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

The advantage of outsourcing website

Outsourcing website does not require internal system development or web-skilled employees. It is not only eliminate the hassle of website design and operation, but it is also possible to always utilize professional skills.

The subcontractor is familiar with the launch goals and targets of client’s website. Since they understand whole picture, it is controlled smoothly from the design stage to the subsequent operation and management, also the transition to the operation phase and the achievement of the results.

The disadvantage of outsourcing website

It is not easy to find the subcontractor that covers all your needs such as technical skills and management skills.

As each company has its own strength, it is good idea to make priority list for your website order. If you ask too much with little budget, your order may not be accepted by any subcontractors.

The check points for outsourcing website

Let’s take a closer look at what you should keep in mind to choose subcontractor.

Explanation easy to understand

Website design and management require specialized knowledge.

Although it is well known that to make use of websites is important factor in business world, there are little people who have general knowledge about it. It is highly possible that business person of your company actually does not know domain knowledge neither. You should avoid the subcontractor where no technician can kindly explain about the technology to you as a consumer the way you can understand.

Their strength matches your requirement?

There is no point in choosing a website maintenance company that specializes at E-Commerce sites, if you do not sell your products online.

Typical mismatch example is when the client expects short-term advertisement to boost the sales quickly, but the subcontractor takes too long time to pursue creating each contents of the website with a slogan which is not catching enough. It is better to choose a company which surely presents only items you need for your purpose rather than a company which just shows off how unnecessary options they can do.

Flexible response

As the business progresses, new technologies and demands are being created day by day. Even once a website has been designed or completed, it might still need to keep up with the new demands or needs in accordance with the changes. In that case, it may face issues such as the new requirement is not covered by the contracted plan or it is difficult to correspond to the new requirement.

We recommend subcontractors which can flexibly respond to additional requests or major changes as far as possible. Ideally, the company should be capable to cooperate with their client to provide better advice and plan proposals with latest business trends.


Designing their website is not a goal for companies.

Even if you have a high-quality sophisticated website, proper management is always necessary to grow and maintain its large number of accesses. Also, it does not mean that the more you spend money on website design, operation and management, the better it is.

It is important to make an environment appropriate for achieving the website goal and winning the target audience with lower cost, as there is cost limitation, and with less effort.

If you have already a website, wouldn’t you reconsider the website management method that suits your company? Also, if you are planning to design a website in the future, aren’t you interested in a reliable subcontractor that you can ask everything from website design to operation and management thoroughly at low cost?

Outsourcing a website has the advantage of reducing labor costs, and allowing specialists to take thorough SEO measures. It can be a good idea to outsource all of the tasks since various aspects of benefit such as receiving high cost-performance service as well can be expected.