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Date : 09/06/2019 07:14 (JST) Category : Blog

I moved to the United States from Japan few years ago.
My son was still an infant at that time.
In the U.S, when I played with my son in the park on daytime weekdays,
I saw many men with their kids.
But, I rarely saw dads with their kids in the park during work hours in Japan, so I was very surprised.

A company where my acquaintances work has several shifts.
They both work, pick the kids up at school, and take turns dropping them off.
For example, they can choose to start from 5 am, 6 am, or 7 am for 8 hours / per day. But it is decided by a lottery because the numbers of people are limited.

Another person I know works from home all day long. He chooses the time and place, and sometime goes to the gym in his spare time.
More than 50% of companies are adopting work from home in the U.S now.


I wish I could work like them when I worked in Tokyo.
When I was pregnant, it was hard for me on a packed train,
because I would get serious morning sickness and vomited every morning.
Eventually, I quit my job, since I couldn’t keep working.
I did not get maternity leave or welfare benefits, too.
I hope that flexible ways of working will spread and maybe go to other countries as well.

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