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Saito Kanako

COO / 東京 Office

出身地【Native place】: 日本・富山県 【Japan ‐ Toyama】

学歴【Education】: 明治大学経営学部卒業

コンサルティングサービス経験【Consultant Expirence】


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Since 2008, we have started office work BPO project "at home" with the aim of raising productivity of back office work and reducing costs, and since then we have built a wide range of fields and industries.
Regardless of what kind of work, the important point is that I value from the beginning is
(1) thorough conduct of "visualization of business" by making full use of "bird's-eye view" and "flowchart"
(2) Continuous manual creation / updating by subdividing operations
I think we always exist as our base and have the reasons that can demonstrate high cost performance
We can achieve the best possible result without affecting Team power by some objective obstacles that work independently such as Working place, working away, living in Japan, living abroad · · ·
Please let us know your needs.
We would be pleased if you could propose an efficient business flow with effective control.