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Tanaka Shigeki

CEO / 東京 Office

出身地【Native place】: 日本・千葉県 【Japan - Chiba】

学歴【Education】: 私立木更津中央高等学校 普通科体育コース卒業

コンサルティングサービス経験【Consultant Expirence】


メッセージ Message

→2012年から、PBX[Private Branch eXchange]をオープンソース[Asterisk]で構築する事により、技術力を磨いております。国内外を通じた在宅コールセンター網を支える基幹と成り得ました。
→2015年12月期は、会計事務所向けSaas[Software as a Service]を自社オリジナルで開始しております。


Our Action factor is based on making new services and products.The value of something is not a business model, it is in specific services and products, and our pride is to be able to execute this.
Thoroughly, enjoying while starting from scratch by original thinking!
→At the company's founding, we create a form that manages work at home by team system, and evolves day by day. Simple task that will accomplish home worker are business process visualization and reconstruction,not for home worker.
→From 2012, we have refined our technical skills by building PBX [Private Branch eXchange] with open source [Asterisk].It became the backbone that supports the home call center network through domestic and overseas.
→2015 end December 31, we have started the accounting firm for Saas [Software as a Service] in-house original.
In the future, we will refine our quality, thoroughly with our own original service without being influenced by market trends