Details of the consultant

Nomura Ippei

Consulting Group Staff / Tokyo Office


I am a consultant for the implementation of the Scrum framework.
I think many companies have adopted the waterfall model in project management.
The waterfall model is highly methodical, in which progress is seen as a flow from requirement analysis, system design, construction, testing, and deployment in a sequential manner.
However, the problematic part of the waterfall model is that it is difficult to define all the requirements beforehand, and it tends not to go as planned when an unexpected situation happens.
You might have encountered a situation where unforeseen matters appear as the project progresses, and it was necessary to change the initial plan.
Scrum, on the other hand, is a great framework that fundamentally overcomes the weaknesses of the waterfall model.
Additionally, Scrum is not just a software development process, and we can expect a significant improvement in business operations by reforming the organization with Scrum in the long run.
I am consulting to permeate corporations with Scrum framework.
I will assist your long-term growth by analyzing the current situation, introducing Scrum, and supporting its operation.