Co-Working Space

Space Rental Service – The space is also possible for address registration.
As it locates in "Shinjuku Island Tower",
you have GOOD access and GOOD location!

We will support your business to the fullest with the latest equipment and a wide range of services!

Free Space

Virtual Office

PO (post-office)
Box Service

IP Phone
FAX Service

    The usage of the touch panel intercom is easy.
    When the guest operates the panel,
    the system will directly call the mobile number of the contracted "user"!
    Escort your important guests smoothly!

    The free space is based around the color white
    and creates a bright atmosphere.
    It is like a cafe, and you can choose one from 5 types of chairs.
    A total seating capacity is 24.
    You also can use fax shredder!
    * Personal locker is also available!

    The meeting rooms as below.
    8-seat: 1 room
    4-seat: 2 rooms
    equipped with projector: 2 rooms
    with TV meeting system: 2 rooms
    phone meeting system: all rooms
    Each room has a drinks holder [refrigerator].

    Postal items will be regularly distributed
    to each PO box which is secured by dial-lock.
    *The service is limited to the use of address registration.

    If you are facing to a problem now,
    let's take a pen and start writing
    your ideas on a blank paper!

    The office has a vending machine!
    You can purchase a drink at a cheaper price
    than convenience stores for general drinks!

    Music brings relaxation to people, improves the efficiency of routine work and reduces mistakes!
    However, when you expect creation from nothing, keep your ears away from music,
    get into your world and makeyour brain sweat!

    How many hours did you work today?
    If the current time is over 5 pm,
    it’s OK to take alcohol!!
    Have a nice evening to workmates
    and myself and enjoy a favorite drink!

    An exciting discussion is a source of
    a great achievement!
    Looking at green has the effect of
    calming one's breath and lowering blood pressure!

    Floor Map

    FloorMap FloorMap FloorMap FloorMap FloorMap FloorMap FloorMap

    Free Space Usage

    20,000 JPY/month

    1. Open during weekdays 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
    2. Free access desk available
    3. Meeting room available (advanced reservation is required)
    4. Free business card creation service for the first time (50 cards)
    5. Wi-Fi available

    Virtual Office Contract

    (optional) +15,000 JPY/month

    1. Registration procedure fee, 25,000 JPY, will be charged separately for the first time.
    2. Meeting room available (advance reservation is required)

    PO Box Service

    (optional) +10,000 JPY/month

    1. Regular collection of mails and transfer service to a
      designated address (actual expenses will be charged separately)
    2. Storage service at free space is for free.

    IP Phone Service

    (optional) +2,500 JPY/month +actual calling fee

    1. Once you have installed an application for IP phones on the PC,
      you can make calls from "03"number anywhere (even at overseas) anytime
      if you have the PC and Internet access the Internet!
      You can also receive calls!
    2. We can rent out a hardphone!

    Fax use

    Fax Use (optional) +1,000 JPY/month