Details of the consultant

Yamashita Tomohisa

Consulting Group Manager / Tokyo Office


Nice to meet you, I am a consultant Yamashita.
We offer outsourcing services for various back office operations such as accounting, ordering and data entry, data entry....etc..
Naturally to offer these services to the customer as much as possible, I am very pleased to be with you before starting service at our company, from the stage of reviewing outsourcing, such as selecting outsourced business and improving business flow.
I am sure that I will serve you just by selecting businesses that have a taste that outsources rather than simply outsourcing business, maximizing efficiency and visualization of the work flow which you will be receiving at our company, and by continually responding to customers we can carry out activities with high productivity.
From now on, we will endeavor to expand our existing home workers and Okinawa centers, as well as make our customers more knowledgeable about our services with the new potential overseas staff.
Please look forward to Mamasan & Company's future!!